Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Gaza, basics became a limitless struggle process entitled by frustration


Frustration and depression on ordinary peoples faces of Gaza speaks a lot about how they feel and interact with what is going on in their small town recently.
Talks of daily conversation are all about power cut and the daily schedule of electricity as well as other things like new taxes imposed from Hamas on Goods, new order for cars’ numbers panel as well as shortage of fuel and the list never ends. Hamas government in Gaza proved to have only one agenda: political and economic empowerment of their own people while all troubles caused by them ruling the strip are most of the time neglected. On the contrary, they ask people for more resistance in any crisis resulted by them. I just can’t imagine how people in power can be selfish and corrupt to that extent while watching all of this happening and not trying to do anything about it!!
I am writing post publically to express my anger and condemn the way Palestinians in Gaza being treated. Both Governments in Ramallah and Gaza must hold accountable for our suffering and frustration because it’s their political dispute that led us to this situation and I will not tolerate this irresponsibility and corruption. After all, people will wake up one day and revolt against this.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Palestinian reconciliation is no more a dream..


Palestinians have been waiting for more than four year for unity agreement and national reconciliation but it just never happened!! No body knows what are the real reason behind this big failure or perhaps we know all possible reasons but we wouldn't dare to tell.
This political dispute between the two big parties in Palestine Hamas and Fateh has became a burden on the Palestinian cause and on the people who are paying the price of irresponsibility and corruption. Yes!! It's the corrupted political system, parties and leaders who brought us to this dead end. It certainly breaks one's heart to know that the suffering of Palestinians are caused by their own people and their lives became so cheap that no body cares about.
Now that president Abbas and Mishaal met today in Cairo, I have only one thing to say " Palestinian unity is no more a's the worst nightmare ever!!"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Solidarity with Freedom

more than two weeks have passed now since the courageous revolt started in Egypt and I still feel the same enthusiasm and more determination from the protesters at Al Tahrir Square. There has been a lot of discussions and debates concerning this revolt.. organization, agenda, motives and lots of relevant and irrelevant issues that were raised by the entire world while fairs, concerns and hopes were dominant in most of the talks everywhere.
Having relatives and great friends in Egypt is a very good reason to follow the updates very closely on daily basis and mostly because being in Gaza means that all what's going happening now in Egypt will have great impact on the conditions of Gazans. One  scenarios could be the Israeli army taking over the Egyptian borders with Gaza and other consequences that we don't want. For me, the I ONLY reason for being so intersted like this is that I also share the people in Egypt their demands concerning freedoms and reform. Maybe it's a projection for the demands of young people in Gaza but with no action on the time being.
It's very amazing how millions or even millions in the world support the protesters in Egypt while governments and presidents still think of what is/not legitimate and what suits the people the best (as if the people didn't speak up themselves)..

For the first time I don't want to hide my feelings and keep my reaction inside of me..I can't hide that i support the legitimate uprising of the people in their fight against oppression and corruption.. I can't hide my wishes that Mubarak's regime falls and a new era of democracy and liberties in the Arab world starts.. I also can't hide my ambition that young Gazans take the lead following the same steps of the brave Tunisians and Egyptians..I can't hide my urgent need to experience respect for  human rights in my society..

It's not the fight of Egypt.. it's also our fight and i'm sure we'll win it together!!

God bless you Egypt!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In a short trip to Sweden!

In this short journey, I will tell you one story of all Palestinians suffering when crossing via Egypt heading to their final destinations!! I have been invited to attend a staff meeting in Sweden with my organization and together with all the colleagues from around the world. WOW!! a lot of people here will think that i am so lucky to have this opportunity..For me, the situation is usually related to long processes of coordination and applications.. since I live in a big prison under illegal blockade and restriction of movement; there is always other stories to tell.

The first time I attended that meeting in Sep. 2009, I had to leave through Eretz crossing the West bank and the Jordanian borders and then fly from Amman. At that time, it was very difficult for Palestinians to leave Gaza as the Egyptian border in Rafah was closed all the time. This time, I wasn't enough lucky to go go through the same route so it was a bit scary for me to even think that i have to go through the pain that thousands of people experienced. For a while, I thought that life can be tolerant and I can/will have some advantages for working in the field of international cooperation but it seems that reality is very tough especially on the Egyptian borders of Rafah. Unless you have a different nationality and/or coordination with the Egyptian security bodies; you are not allowed to enter Egypt.

All passengers who hold visas or permanent residence in different countries should be deported directly to the airport where they wait in inconvenient situation to fly to their final destination.

Palestinians are being treating with indignity, inhumanity and no morals during this long process and I just can't understand the reason behind this. How can a young girl who has been to Egypt several times before threaten their security??
I think it was a political decision rather than a security risk and I hate the fact that this is the only available choice that every Palestinian should take to leave Gaza.

On the Egyptian border, long hours of waiting and waiting..they call you for interview to ask about the reason of your trip then no body tells you what is the status. At the end of the day, all deportees are gathered in one place and guided to buses. After organizing the crowd and checking the passengers according to lists, we are off to the airport escorted by policemen and security cars as if we were fugitives.

In the way back to Gaza, it is typically the same scenario only new faces that are different and the suffering continues..


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